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Munich, Germany

Best Russian language intensive online training

to drive more business with your Russian-speaking partners.

Russian4Business provides language training for English- and German-speaking professionals all over the globe who want to improve the quality of business communication with their Russian-speaking partners.

Our learning methodology is proven to teach you Russian easily and quickly so that making you feel confident during business meetings, socializing or networking events.

Based on needs and level of expertise, our customers can choose between two online training programs.
We make it simple and convenient for you
to acquire new language skills, wherever you are. 

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Speak Russian

Simple level of spoken Russian

This online course objective is to train the participants to use spoken Russian in daily life.

The language classes are designed for expanding the user's word-stock

in order to start speaking Russian as quickly as possible. 


Together we will study and practice useful vocabulary topics and situational dialogues from daily life as well as the most important Russian verbs to speed up the learning process. 


Course duration: 12 months

Sessions occurring: twice a week

Session duration: 45 minutes

Speak and read in Russian

Intermediate level of written & spoken Russian

The course objective is to teach the user to read and use spoken Russian in daily life.

The language classes are designed for those who need to easily and quickly learn to speak Russian in order to feel safe and confident during business meetings or socializing and networking. 


Together we will learn the Russian alphabet and Russian grammar, as well as useful vocabulary topics and situational dialogues from daily life and the most important Russian verbs to start communication. 


Course duration: 12 months

Sessions occurring: twice a week

Session duration: 90 minutes

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 About us 

Russian4Business is an online Russian language school for English- and German-speaking audience. 

Our customers are business professionals from all over the globe. Our extensive sales experience helps us to ideally meet our customers' needs, as we speak both their professional language and the language of their Russian-speaking business partners. 

Best online Russian language course to choose if your goal is to elevate your business relationships in Russia. 

At Russian4Business we are a customer first team, providing intensive language classes in Russian to help business leaders around the globe gain quicker access to the Russian market and build solid relationships. 


Speaking business partner's language is what differentiates our customers from their competitors.

It is much easier for them to gain the credit of trust which is immensely important for Russians and get results quicker.  


It's pure psychology. If you speak their language,  you are in the same boat and can paddle in the same direction. 


Teaching you how to speak Business Russian in our online language school gives us an opportunity to make an input into the development of relationships between businesses on the global level. 

Just embed Russian in your weekly routine, using your laptop. 
And we will help to get to the result quicker.

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